Other filmi posts

Australian Festival of Travel Writing: the road to Tollywood

Bedazzled, bejewelled and bewitching; the boots of the Megastar

Chiranjeevi – the Legend, the Lycra

Cinema Chaat and the Australian Festival of Travel Writing

Filmi Snake Spotter’s Field Guide

Funky Bollywood (Todd Stadtman)

It’s raining (Mega) men

Megabirthday 2011

Megabirthday 2012

Megabirthday 2013

Megabirthday 2014

Megabirthday 2015

Megabirthday 2016

Megabirthday 2017

Megabirthday 2018

Megabirthday 2019

Megastar, mega interspecies communication

Megastar Mega Mullet

Megastar Mega Style

Megastar, Mini toga

Mega Socks

Naag Panchami Fesssstival Continuing Professional Development Snake Quiz

Slightly Classical, Mega Awesome!

Telugu film history – Filmfare August 23, 1963

Through (Mega) Tinted Lenses

What Would Chiru Do?

2 thoughts on “Other filmi posts

  1. I quite liked the songs in the hindi version “Milan”. Other reincarnation films in hindi include madhumati, mehbooba, Kudrat


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