Bedazzled, bejewelled and bewitching – the boots of the Megastar

Well, it’s almost the official kick-off for Megabirthday 2011 celebrations. I hope the coming year is a happy and safe one for Chiranjeevi and that he does make a return to films.

Now before the official blogfest thingie gets underway I would like to address a frequently asked question. People ask me why I often mention Chiru’s footwear, and why I am (mildly) obsessed with the dream of a Chiranjeevi Shoe Museum and hope that someone, maybe the man himself, has kept those go-go boots safe and sound.

To those people I say: Look and be mildly amazed at what can be gleaned from a handful of DVDs!

And imagine if I had taken samples from all 149 films! Maybe next year I will highlight a selection of his gloves.

We will be posting reviews and links to other blogs also celebrating the occasion from 22 August until the end of the month.

Happy Megabirthday!

9 thoughts on “Bedazzled, bejewelled and bewitching – the boots of the Megastar

  1. Love the sort of Louis XIV look of the little inset pic under the 3rd and 4th pics from the left on the top row! And the leggings in the bottom row, 3rd from right – AMAZING. Excellent work!


  2. I really hope that there will be a more complete guide to the boots, or at least links too watch the boots in action. I suspect the draw of the boots will be what ultimately pulls Chiru back into acting. CM’s don’t get to wear boots like that.


    • Liz I think if you get to be CM you can wear whatever boots you like AND legislate that everyone else has to as well. I don’t feel I have done sufficient research to apply any more rigour to the subject of Megaboots at this stage. I literally grabbed 16 DVDs and just picked bits from the songs.There is so much more to discover! And some of these boots will reappear throughout the week. If you have a particular favourite that you simply have to see in motion, I can put up a link. I do seem to remember which boots are in which movie. That’s a potentially worrisome development.


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