Through (Mega) Tinted Lenses

This year’s research piece almost wrote itself. At least, it was suggested by and many of the images were sourced by by regular commenter yjbasu

As discussed in previous Megabirthdays, Chiranjeevi accessorises with flair and eschews minimalism in his wardrobe. Glasses, and sunglasses, play a large part in the Mega Style. And they are an essential part of his actor kit. And also, give me an excuse for loads of pic spam.

In character:

In disguise:



I love that film so much more than I should!

What are your other Mega Style Inspirations?

5 thoughts on “Through (Mega) Tinted Lenses

  1. That top pic is superah supero superabhyaha – puppy with glasses 🙂
    Thanks for writing as well as the reference 🙂

    Hope you celebrated Boss’s birthday and enjoyed his Sye-Raa teaser.


      • Yeah, I know that’s what Google image search says but I’ve seen Kodama Simham and I don’t recall a scene that looked like that…Although sensory overload is a hazard watching some of Chiru’s films! As are terrible quality prints, and randomly missing scenes that vary from DVD to DVD. I’ll have to check and see if there are other DVDs/versions of the film around to compare.


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