Megabirthday 2019

Where does the time go!?!

It’s almost the best month of the year every year – MEGABIRTHDAY!

I am, as is tradition, leaving my “research” to the last minute.

I have previously analysed the following Mega Aspects:

If you have suggestions for Important Research Topics, let me know! I think I peaked with Mega Socks but you can never underestimate Chiranjeevi.

I will aso be posting a song a day from August 1 so please get your retinas ready. Last year’s playlist is here:

And because it is winter here, and that means cold and flu season, and that means doctors…



6 thoughts on “Megabirthday 2019

  1. Reposting comment from Megabirthday 2018 –
    One more idea –
    Chiru obviously donned a wide range of characters – police, thief, goonda/rowdy, detective, lecturer, choreographer, jatka rider, cobbler, musician, sadist, villain, etc. You can choose a selected list of uncommon characters (like James Pond or Tarzaan) or variations in same profession to show his versatility – like he did constable-inspector-SP-secret agent; rowdy-goonda-thief-pick pocket-jewel thief-


  2. I think you have stopped reviewing old movies, especially classics. You are doing only new releases. Please post some old movies in between. You have to at the least cover all Megastar movies.


    • I like to mix things up for myself and for anyone reading, so you will have to accept you get what you’re given 🙂 Also I did write about Stuartpuram Police Station not so long ago. I’d almost forgotten the other Megabirthday tradition….you denying you’re a fanboy while nagging me to write about Chiru 😀 August is always an all mega month for me so just be patient!

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      • I still stand on “I am not a fan of Chiru” 🙂
        I will take anything you write on old (20th century) Telugu movies, not necessarily of Chiru.
        I will wait eagerly – thanks for promising something 🙂


  3. How about a post comparing dance styles of stars from the Mega family — Chiru, Charan, and Arjun? (I feel there’s also a fourth member I’m not remembering — it couldn’t be Varun Tej, could it? Anyway, he’s not known for his dancing.)


    • Varun Tej (Fida fame) is not known for dancing. Other guy is Sai Dharam Tej (nephew of Chiru), who inherited some facial features from Chiru and tries to put at least one Chiru song remake in his movies.
      Like remixing the Andam Hindolam from Yamudiki Mogudu in Supreme; Chamak chamak cham (Kondaveeti Donga) in Intelligent –


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