Megastar, mini toga

Megastar-MiniToga-Adavi Donga

Happy 60th Chiranjeevi! And many happy returns!

Considering the spate of historical epics across the Indian film industries of late, I think it is time to consider Chiru’s visual contribution to the ‘sword and sandal’ oeuvre. Who knows? Maybe we will see toga redux in his 150th film.

Chiranjeevi was never averse to giving the audience some skinshow. As good friend Beth recently commented, “Chiru wears and not-wears with equal aplomb.” He was fearless when it came to wardrobe choices and the question “Why Chiru?” has sparked many a late night philosophical debate with The Mahesh Fan.

Broadly speaking, his toga oriented costumes fall into three categories.

The historically accurate toga or princely miniskirt

Because it is all about the historical accuracy.

The mini toga as outdoor wear

This would have presented challenges both for the wearer and the observer. Horse riding. Ouch!

The gladiatorial political statement

AKA ‘Your Comeuppance Has Arrived’.



I’m sure there are more examples. I did exclude songs involving hitched up lunghis or dancing in underwear or bathers as that is outside of the scope of most (but I suppose not all) historical fantasy epics. Here is a playlist so you can see the glory of these costumes in motion – Let me know of any additions!


5 thoughts on “Megastar, mini toga

  1. Happy Birthday 🙂

    I remember a song sequence with Jayaprada, set in the Arabian backdrop. The “mini toga as outdoor wear” resembles Kamal’s costume in “Ponmeni uruguthey” from Moondram Pirai!


    • Happy Megabirthday! You’re thinking of Yedhuru Choosina from Veta – Arabian nights meets Faux-gyptian pyramids and sphinxes, with Chiru heaving Jayaprada around like a sack of potatoes – and it’s already on the playlist 🙂 Kamal and Chiru did have similar costumes in a few songs. Maybe a topic for next year’s Megabirthday!


  2. A fitting Mega Birthday tribute as well as a valuable resource for when you are in the mood to watch extended prancing in a mini toga. You’ve worked hard Temple.


    • Thank you Jenni. I know there is another mini toga song clip I have forgotten…It’s very vexing.I am never entirely sure if my brain is trying to save me from myself, or just making sure I will always have a delightful surprise awaiting me.


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