Megabirthday 2012!

August 22 is not far away, so it is time to start thinking about Megabirthday 2012!

I need no excuse to squee over Chiru, but a birthday is always fun to celebrate. Chiranjeevi has delighted me when I have needed cheering up, entertained me on dull grey rainy days and made me wonder when stocky men in lycra pants became my type.

I realised I may have a problem when I watched the following clip and wondered if they gave Butterfly Chiru green lettuce-ish wings because his character is a porter in a vegetable market and decided that would make sense. The question I should have been asking was – since when does Batman wear yellow kneepads and turn into a vampire? Perhaps I was distracted by the excellent Robin Hood attire. Or the ewoks. Probably just the megaboots.

I bought THREE copies of that DVD because two of them didn’t include that song in the movie (Muttamestri – I’ll be blogging about it in August).

We’ll be posting Megabirthday stuff here between 18-31 August. As always, the more the merrier so please join in if you feel inclined.  I’ll collate the links and be tweeting them as they appear. The Twitter hashtag is #Megabirthday2012 or you can email cinemachaat at gmail dot com or post a link here. Go on! You know you want to.

Totally Filmi has already taken the plunge. See Katherine’s first Mega encounter here.

I will leave you some inspiration and the sheer joyful energy that is a hallmark of Chiru’s dancing.

4 thoughts on “Megabirthday 2012!

  1. I totally do not have time to get lost in Chiru’s filmography, but if I did, I’d be very tempted to go digging for Muttamestri.

    Happily, though, my copy of Yamudiki Mogudu has arrived, and I shall use the occasion of the Megabirthday to…er…pop my Chiru. Er. Um.


    • I don’t know that once will be enough 🙂 I hope you like Yamudiki Mogudu. It is a very good sampler of the many moods of Chiru, plus there is some fine costume department work to appreciate.


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