Mega MouchoPrema

It’s the last day of Dolce’s MouchoPrema Movember celebration and how can I not mention the Megastar? I speak of Chiranjeevi, the man who changed my mind about moustaches. Indeed, he cured my moustache-o-phobia. Perhaps it is the proximity of the moustache to those eyes that makes it all so easy to gaze at…But I digress.

Manly, manicured and even mythological – I give you a sample of the Mega Moustache.

So impressive is the MegaMouche it even has a love song dedicated to it:

I couldn’t find it online with subtitles, but Tabu doesn’t need words to convey the effects of the Megastar moustache.

Sigh. Where was I?

Thanks Dolce for finding a facial hair optional way to celebrate moustachioed men and the Movember cause!

2 thoughts on “Mega MouchoPrema

  1. It occurs to me that there might actually be a Telugu film industry job of “mustache stylist”, who chose what kind of mouches the characters will have, and then ensures consistency throughout the filming. I really hope that there is, at any rate!


    • Well Liz, funny you should say this. I have recently become aware of one ‘Costume’ Krishna who may have perpetrated created many Megastar film costumes. Perhaps we could track down his facial hair counterpart?


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