So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu!

I’ve decided 2020 is the year to reduce clutter in my life, and that includes my online life. I am deleting some of my social media accounts, and winding back generally on things that are no longer as fun as they once were. And for various reasons, that includes this blog. Heather will keep writing her review. But I will not be publishing anything more on this platform, or monitoring comments.

Thanks you to those of you who have given me great and sometimes not quite great film recommendations, had insightful and interesting conversations in the comments, and have been part of what was enjoyable about blogging. I still have about 60 Chiranjeevi films to watch before I can say I have seen them all, but you will be spared my opinions. Who says nothing good comes from change? And I’ll still celebrate Megabirthday month each year on Twitter!

Thanks again, and have a good year.



4 thoughts on “So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu!

  1. Resolutions are meant to be broken and I hope, for the sake of your many fans (including me) that you will break this particular resolution and resume you highly successful partnership with Heather and give us your inimitable reviews of our OTT movies.


  2. Not trying to make you feel guilty, but what a bummer of a news, Temple! 😦 I will really miss you, and the often point-counterpoint type of reviews by you and Heather. However, I fully understand your desire to declutter your life, online and off. I’m somewhat in the same process myself (hence the infrequency of comments from me), but I hope you’ll appreciate that this blog is one of the things I decided is a keeper. Good luck with your decluttered life.


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