Megastar Mega Style

Last year during Megabirthday I mentioned Chiranjeevi’s excellent boots. I would now like to draw your attention to another Mega Style Skill – how to wear a cape. It’s a dying art people.

Whether he is wearing a more practical, utilitarian garment or a sparkly swishy statement, Chiru has made the cape his own. It is impossible to convey his panache and flair with stills so I give you my current favourite Chiru-in-a-cape songs, in no particular order.

He sports an excellent array of wings and capes in Muttamestri (review coming later in Megabirthday week). The wings nearly got the better of Chiru when he was airborne, but he puts the Batusi to shame when he dances.

A Zorro-ish figure in classic black in Kondaveeti Donga (review on the way):

A fantasy Ye Olden Days cape (excellent boots too), from Adavi Donga (review here)

Then there’s a crocheted mini-poncho, perfect for um, space exploration. Or something.

Finally, a simple and stylish sequinned silver evening cape, perfect for romancing Sri Devi (from Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari, full review here)

I am pleased to see the Mega Boys are also having a go. Charan had a nice array of capes in Dillaku Dillaku from Racha, and Bunny tried out a beginners mini-cape in Nachavura from Badrinath. I like to picture Chiru and the boys having a little masterclass in the living room at home, swishing and prancing and sharing tips on how to manage difficult fabrics and styles. Sequinned boots optional.

What are your favourite Megastar in a cape moments?

Happy Birthday Chiru! I hope you have as much fun and happiness in your life as you give to your fans.

4 thoughts on “Megastar Mega Style

  1. A beginners mini-cape! How very well thought-out this whole costuming endeavor is.

    Temple, do you have any thoughts about WHY the cape is such a trademark Chiranjeevi accessory? Boots seem like a more “natural” or “logical” elaboration of the fundamental and almost necessary concept of “footwear,” but capes….they just seem like their own special item that does not as easily derive from other more standard costume elements. Do you think its occurrences indicate a “leave no surface unembellished?” philosophy? And if so, does that theory also result in other less common accessories like gloves, scarves, and spectacles?



    • You know Beth whenever I stop to think about Chiru, sequinned go-go boots and a cape, I get distracted and lose whatever powers of analysis I possess. Chiru certainly accessorises a lot, and often wears gloves, hats, scarves, sunglasses etc. I think the cape is an extra surface for the bedazzling team to embellish and Telugu costume designers do seem to love their shiny fabrics. Really I think the answer is “Because he can”.


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