It’s raining (Mega) men!

Chiru has helped set the standard by which I judge rain songs. Perhaps it is his energy, his gleeful style and cheeky expressions, his dedication to lycra and mesh attire, or maybe it all comes back to those eyes. Is there a Mega Rain Gene? Whatever. Watching him dance happily in the rain is quite life enhancing, I find.

Although this example from Gharana Mogudu is impossible to un-see

I barely noticed all the soggy and bedraggled wildlife in this song.

And here he is rocking a puffy shirt in this classic from Gang Leader

And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

I’m sure there are more Mega rain moments, but these are my favourites. What are yours?

9 thoughts on “It’s raining (Mega) men!

      • That’s the point!:) For me Charan dances are also the consciously show (like he’s trying to say ‘look how fabulous am I and my dance’), whereas when I watch Chiru’s dance It looks simply like a good fun for him (so for me too) – I don’t see it as the effort to impress me.
        And is that countinously reusing (I should say rather:spoiling) Chiru’s hit songs in all his movies this ‘his own’, you are talking about?:P


  1. Good list. I agree that nothing can beat the one from “Gharana Mogudu”.

    One of my favourite chiru rain song is from the movie “Daddy”


  2. And by the way, I have a question (or problem:D): I’m planning Chiru’s week – I think about Khaidi (for Chiru as a Megastar), Rudraveena (for Chiru as an actor), sth with Vijayashanti (that duo is just a must!:D) and it would be great to add also a good comedy (sth like Chantabbai, which I adore). Could sb recommend me sth?


    • I think that’s an excellent list and those films are hard to go past 🙂 I’ve got a couple of Chiru and Vijayashanti films on the list for Megabirthday too. They were great together – I have a soft spot for Rudranetra just for them. I am not the person to ask about comedies as I tend to avoid them like the plague, although I enjoyed Chantabbai a lot. I’ll ask around.
      We’ll just have to agree to disagree on Charan – I love watching him dance 😀


    • Hi Suja 😀 I never deny having a huge girly crush on Chiru. But I like to think that a couple of things keep me in touch with reality and on the ‘right’ side of the asylum gates – I do not picture myself prancing around in the rain with him, and I am still convinced that tight white pants and a rain song is a less than optimal combination (even if you’re Chiranjeevi but yes I do make allowances for him). Cheers! Temple


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