Chiranjeevi: the legend, the lycra

People often ask me why I frequently feel the need to comment on Chiru’s outfits. Are they blind? Was his costume designer blind? He had an astounding array of outfits (he needed them to go with the boots) and the style to carry them all off.

He can go from this standard issue hero tight white trousers

To this extremely snug lycra and leg warmers

To this…this….

To this more traditional look for the more mature hero

But in fact, he doesn’t need much of a costume

Or need a costume at all

But you know what I always remember most about Chiranjeevi? How incredibly joyful his dancing is. I love his energy and the way he always looks like he is having the time of his life. And I love the happiness I feel when I watch a Chiru dance number.

5 thoughts on “Chiranjeevi: the legend, the lycra

  1. How long am I going to be able to resist clicking on the “or a costume at all” video? You are an evil temptress!

    Must…not…see…too much…of…Chiru!


  2. Tollywood had “ruling” tradesman in that era for each area. I think we can safely say “Costume” Krishna is the instigator of most of those costumes on poor Chiranjeevi. They once had a television show about “behind-the-scenes” thing about movies. And “Costume” Krishna explained his process of picking outfits…and we can see all the results on screen.

    Also, there is a thing about Lead characters not repeating their outfits. So, there are many many outfits.

    I think nobody ever have to search where to find the ‘fashion trends’ started by Chiranjeevi (i.e., his costumes in the non-fantasy non-songs part of the movie). He once had this checked pants in “Bavagaru Bagunnara” ( ), and then I had to stab my eyes every time I went out for the next 6 months as those pants were on 60% of the local youth population.


    • “Costume” Krishna might be my hero! I’m truly sorry about your checked pants related pain. Even I recoiled when I saw Chiru in Rupert the Bear trousers. However, I have so many questions for Mr CK! Like – did he have to try hard to persuade Chiru to wear his creations? There was a process?? Did it involve alcohol and a revolving wardrobe? And of course – where are the costumes AND the BOOTS now?!?!?! I like to think someone somewhere still prances around in some of the boots, or maybe a silver cape, and does a bit of Megastarring in their living room. Thanks for sharing :D Temple


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